What’s in a Name?

I’ve been asked how I went about naming my characters and creatures that I created for my book series.

I chose some of my favourite names for the human characters in my books.  Simple.

But for the creatures, I visited Seventh Sanctum online, and used their name generator program.  I found inspiration everywhere I clicked.  They have names and/or descriptions for anime, manga, beings, characters, combat, darkness/evil, equipment, humour, magic, media/fandom, names, organizations, settings, places, skills, abilities, talents, superheroes, technology and writing.

I also use the Writers Helping Writers website where I found the Thesaurus Collection which includes weather and earthly phenomena, physical attributes, character traits, colour, texture and shape thesaurus, settings, symbolism, emotions, talents, skills and the newest, emotional wounds thesauruses.  It was an amazing help in writing my books.

What do you use to help you name your characters and places?  Where do you find your description words to help you write?



About Shannon Rieger

Author Shannon Rieger fiction writer for the Young Adult genre
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